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Cricket Term Four

Thursday, 21 September, 2:55 PM » Tuesday, 17 October, 2:55 PM

There will be training for all cricket teams on the first day of next term 17th October. Please bring your gear

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Joso School Visit Term 4 Week 1 Wed 18th

Monday, 31 July, 8:35 AM » Saturday, 23 September, 8:35 AM

Thank-you very much to all the students who have volunteered for this one-day cultural exchange.  I now have enough volunteers.

There will be a meeting about this on the first day back next term straight after chapel.

The Joso School  visit takes place in Week 1 next term; they arrive at 10am on Wednesday, 18th October and depart at 2pm on the same day  (i.e.  no billeting required).


Mr Aldridge

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Monday, 18 September, 2:50 PM » Friday, 22 September, 2:50 PM

If you did not receive a copy of the Study Guide pack, please collect one from outside Mr Hampton's office.

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Monday, 18 September, 3:40 PM » Thursday, 21 September, 3:40 PM

Winter badminton has finished for the term.